Exterior Designs

Exterior Designs

What better way to boost your property value than to work with a proven curb appeal master? At Project4Home, we understand your property’s exterior should be as impressive as its interior. As such, we make it easy for you to design comprehensively by providing to you both interior and exterior design services.


Whether you want to beautify your home or commercial property’s exterior professionally, you can rely on our proven expertise. From designing an outdoor idyllically in tune with your property’s architecture to weaving your neighborhood’s décor into your exterior design, we’ve got what you need to give your property the desired personality.


When you work closely with our design specialists, we will help you select the right colors, themes, and designs to match your personal tastes or business colors. Moreover, our industry-wide expertise allows us to combine knowledge of color theory, visual perception, landscaping, and construction to add visual interest to your outdoor settings.

We also work with versatile materials, such as bricks, stones, concrete, wood, and tiles, to infuse style into function. From goldfish ponds, jaw-dropping fountains, and majestic walkways, to soothing lighting, we understand what it takes to consistently deliver elegance to any property.


When you work with Project4Home for your exterior designs, what you see on paper is what you get in reality. Get in touch today to start elevating your property’s curb appeal

Work stages

How will our work be organized!

01 Signing of a contract

We sign a contract, show you examples of finished projects and discuss ideas for arranging your apartment.

02 Statements of work

We fill out the statements of work, in which we fix all your wishes for coloristics, purpose of use, furniture and finishing materials.

03 Layout

We offer several layouts and agree on the best one.

04 Visualisation

We show photorealistic images of the finished interior with all the furniture.

05 Documentation

We present a complete documentation package for implementation of the project.

06 Implementation

A team of builders carries out all construction and finishing works on a turnkey basis. A designer provides complete procurement of the construction entity.

07 Your new house

We bring the final decorative touches. You accept the result.