Design Interiors

Design Interiors

At Project4Home, we are an all-around service, managing interior design projects in Europe and UAE. Whether you want to update your home office with fancy lighting or furnish your restaurant with cozy furniture, we are the guys for the job. 


When we come in, we will transform your space into a gorgeous, functional haven complete with carefully picked furniture, fabrics, and accessories. What’s more, we will also be sure to add elegant custom pieces specially tailored to your space.


Working with our friendly and attentive team ensures you can see your imagination come to life. Our well-versed experts will help you select and accurately calculate the required finishing materials, furniture, and accessories.

Furthermore, we will help you create the correct drawings and schemes based on the construction work tied to your project. We will then provide several design layouts to choose from, along with visualizations and photorealistic images (3D rendering) of your space.


In other words, we strive to understand each client’s unique goals and align the final project as closely as possible to those goals. We carefully factor your individual needs, rhythm, and lifestyle into our designs to achieve that.


Our interior design expertise cuts across different continents. Thus, we are the guys to trust with your next residential or commercial project. Whether you are after living room coziness or an inviting office impression, let us get to work for you.

Work stages

How will our work be organized!

01 Signing of a contract

We sign a contract, show you examples of finished projects and discuss ideas for arranging your apartment.

02 Statements of work

We fill out the statements of work, in which we fix all your wishes for coloristics, purpose of use, furniture and finishing materials.

03 Layout

We offer several layouts and agree on the best one.

04 Visualisation

We show photorealistic images of the finished interior with all the furniture.

05 Documentation

We present a complete documentation package for implementation of the project.

06 Implementation

A team of builders carries out all construction and finishing works on a turnkey basis. A designer provides complete procurement of the construction entity.

07 Your new house

We bring the final decorative touches. You accept the result.