Designing Places


Looking for a seasoned architecture team to work with? Look no further than Project4Home. Serving entire Europe and the United Arab Emirates, our team is expansive enough to come to you. What’s more, our expertise knows no bounds.


Over our twelve years of operation, we have built an unmatched reputation for consistent, personalized service. Moreover, all our construction projects are done right the first time and are completed on time and within budget.


When you turn to Project4Home, you are working with licensed architects highly trained in the art and science of building design and construction. Our team of architects will be responsible for planning, designing, and overseeing the complex task of constructing your building from the ground up.

When we begin the project design journey with you, we take into consideration more than just the space and design of your project. This is because we also consider safety, accessibility, function, construction materials, aesthetics, schedule, and costs.


In other words, our job is to keenly develop your ideas and turn them into a pleasant reality. Moreover, to guarantee trust and satisfactory results, we approach each project with the highest ethical standards. We stick to all the laid-down local laws and regulations to hand back to you a property that’s fully compliant.


So, whether you want a house that blends into the surrounding landscape or something a little exotic, you can count on us to design your dream home. We design and build properties attuned to all the current trends and using all the latest techniques in the construction industry.

Work stages

How will our work be organized!

01 Signing of a contract

We sign a contract, show you examples of finished projects and discuss ideas for arranging your apartment.

02 Statements of work

We fill out the statements of work, in which we fix all your wishes for coloristics, purpose of use, furniture and finishing materials.

03 Layout

We offer several layouts and agree on the best one.

04 Visualisation

We show photorealistic images of the finished interior with all the furniture.

05 Documentation

We present a complete documentation package for implementation of the project.

06 Implementation

A team of builders carries out all construction and finishing works on a turnkey basis. A designer provides complete procurement of the construction entity.

07 Your new house

We bring the final decorative touches. You accept the result.